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Root Canal Treatment

Our skilled endodontists put your comfort and the outcome of the procedure first when diagnosing and treating complex dental issues. We identify the causes of tooth pain using state-of-the-art imaging and diagnostic technologies, and we only recommend root canal therapy (RCT) when necessary.

  • Endodontists identify and resolve problems.
  • Make use of sophisticated imaging technologies.
  • RCT is advised when it's required.
  • Simple process using contemporary methods.

Root Canal Treatment (Endodontic Therapy) Service Overview:

This article describes root canal therapy (RCT) and its various forms, emphasizing that the treatment’s main goal is to preserve and repair badly damaged teeth. The importance of endodontists and the various RCT strategies based on the state of the tooth are emphasized.

Pain Relief

RCT effectively alleviates the severe toothache caused by infected or inflamed dental pulp. Once the damaged tissue is removed, the pain subsides.

Infection Control

The procedure removes infection from the tooth's interior, preventing the spread of bacteria to surrounding teeth or elsewhere in the body.

Tooth Preservation

RCT allows for the preservation of a natural tooth that might otherwise need to be extracted. Retaining a natural tooth is ideal for maintaining proper chewing function and preventing adjacent teeth from shifting.

Aesthetic Restoration

After RCT, the tooth can be restored with a crown or filling, ensuring it looks and functions like a natural tooth.

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