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To find the best solutions for your needs, our knowledgeable dental staff performs thorough examinations and consultations. Whether there is one lost tooth or several, the goal of our prosthetic and rehabilitation solutions is to restore confidence in eating and communication.

  • Comprehensive tests, customized solutions:
  • Options for dental prosthesis:
  • Restore self-assured speech and chewing:

Dentures and Bridges: Overview

For those who are dealing with tooth loss, our Dentures and Bridges program provides customized alternatives that can help you restore the appearance, feel, and confidence of your smile. Whether you need a complete set of dentures or have lost a few teeth, our knowledgeable dental staff is here to help you restore your oral health and quality of life.

Better Aesthetics

Bridges and dentures are made specifically to match the color, size, and shape of your natural teeth, giving you a uniform and beautiful smile.

Confidence Boost

Replacing your smile with dentures or bridges can improve your confidence and general well-being.

Enhanced Functionality

You can eat, speak, and chew comfortably with the help of these dental prosthesis, so you may take advantage of a wide variety of meals.

Maintenance of Oral Health

Bridges and dentures also assist in preserving the shape and alignment of your remaining teeth and help stop additional dental problems brought on by gaps.

Our Process

Why Chose Restorative

By choosing restorative therapy, you can benefit from improved oral health, enhanced appearance, increased self-confidence

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Dedicated Services

Dentures Cost at Finesse Dental Clinic

  1. Denture price varies from case to case at Finesse Dental. We offer various options from Complete Dentures to Partial Dentures to Implant-Supported Dentures.
  2. As we grow, our teeth lose their strength and decay which changes our dental needs. If you are searching for new teeth set and looking for flexible denture prices in Mohali, Finesse Dental Clinic is the best dental clinic offering a variety of dentures.
  3. At Finesse Dental Clinic, we employ advanced techniques in denture fabrication to ensure optimal fit, comfort, and aesthetics.
  4. Our team of specialist doctors utilizes digital imaging technology and high-quality materials to create dentures that look and feel natural.
  5. Experience the difference between our in-depth techniques – schedule your consultation today.

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Finesse Dental Clinic is available in Mohali city. Book an appointment at Finesse Dental for the best dental treatments by our skilled dentist/orthodontist providing dentures at an affordable cost. 

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