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Clear Aligners

Comfort and successful treatment outcomes are our top priorities as expert endodontists who specialize in detecting and treating complex dental issues. Modern diagnostic equipment locates the causes of pain, therefore recommendations for Root Canal Therapy (RCT) are crucial. By using cutting-edge anesthetics and techniques, our emphasis on patient comfort ensures pleasant RCT operations.

  • Professional diagnosis and care:
  • Sophisticated diagnostic instruments:
  • RCT is only advised when required:
  • RCT processes without pain:

Clear Aligners: overview

Clear Aligners are an excellent alternative to traditional braces, offering aesthetics, comfort, and effective teeth straightening..


Dental implants closely resemble the appearance and feel of natural teeth, giving you a confident smile and a comfortable chewing experience.

Better Oral Health

Dental implants assist maintain jawbone density, minimizing additional oral health problems brought on by tooth loss.


With proper care, implants can last a lifetime, providing a dependable and long-lasting tooth replacement option.

Enhanced Comfort

Implants are permanent in position, as opposed to removable dentures, which eliminates the discomfort and difficulty associated with detachable.

benefits and scope of Clear Aligners


1: Clear aligners are almost invisible, making them an excellent choice for those who want discreet orthodontic treatment.
2: Unlike traditional metal braces, they don't draw attention to your smile..


1: No metal brackets means no pricks or pains.
2: Minimal initial discomfort after switching to a new set of clear aligners each week.
3: Once adjusted, you'll barely feel them in your mouth.


1: Clear aligners can be easily removed for eating, brushing, and flossing.
2: No food getting stuck as with metal braces.
3: Maintains good oral hygiene.

Fewer Dentist Visits

1: Managing clear aligners requires fewer trips to the dentist or orthodontist.
2: OrthoFX offers an app (FXOnTrack) for remote communication with your doctor.

ConsistencyJoint (TMJ) Surgery

1: Wear clear aligners for 20-22 hours daily for optimal results.
2: Consistent use ensures effective teeth movement.

Loss Prevention

1: Easy removability can lead to loss if not worn back immediately after eating or brushing.
2: Be mindful to prevent misplacing them.


1: Technology advancements have made clear aligners more accessible.
2; Competitive pricing and flexible financing options are available.

Clear Aligners Cost At Finesse Dental Clinic

The cost of clear aligners on the brand and the level of complexity necessary for dental alignment. Invisible braces, also known as clear aligners, have grown popular among many individuals. Schedule your consultation today with our specialist doctor at Finesse Dental Clinic.

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