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Finesse Dental Clinic

“Your Trusted Dental Practice for Quality Dental Care” is a reputable dental clinic that has been in business for a long time and is known for providing outstanding dental treatment. Finesse guarantees that each patient receives personalized attention and first-rate care thanks to its staff of very talented and experienced dentists.

  • Outstanding Dental Care Services.
  • Priority 1 is patient satisfaction.
  • Expert Dentists and Cutting Edge Technology.

Specialist Doctors

Experienced Doctor

Dr. Harshdeep S. Multani

Advanced Courses: Implant Dentistry Cosmetic Dentistry Micro Endodontics Laser Dentistry…

Dr. Gauri Gill

Advanced Courses: Dr. Gauri Gill stays at the forefront of…

Dr. Sugandha Singhal

Advanced Courses: Dr. Sugandha Singhal actively engages in continuous professional…

Dr. Vishal Mittal

Advanced Courses: Dr. Vishal Mittal stays updated with the latest…

Dr. Parwan Gill

Advanced Courses: Dr. Parwan Gill continually updates her expertise with…

Dr. Harpreet K. Multani

Advanced Courses: Full-mouth rehabilitation Implant Dentistry Complex Rehabilitative Procedures

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Experienced Doctor